PropoZapp First Steps

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We have started sketching what the solution would look like, we want two things:

An app for your phone

It will help you to find events to go to, will learn from your past responses and propose new items that you like.

We know it must be FAST and very simple. We think you want something to do now and you have no time to search for it on typical internet agendas.

A couple of the drawings we got so far:

Browse Events

Browse Events

Events Liked

Overall view of the events chosen

Event Detail View - TODO

A right now very empty Detail View of the Event

as all is now, all work in progress..

A way for artists to promote themselves

Pretty raw right now, still on early thinking but we know we want it to be on the web, and that it must be dead easy to create an artist profile and start creating events


to be continued..