Cosmicpanel: Wifi signal

I’ve done a little step more in my own control panel, this is a wifi signal icon and wifi information bar which allows to turn on or off wifi connection in chumby. It just refresh when you press the refresh button.

Wifi information in console

Wifi information in console

Wifi Signal Icon and Information

Cosmicpanel: version 0.1 video

This is a very primary version of cosmicpanel for chumby, just implemented the clock, date, events manager, a bit of the fast menu, dim/off screen and turn off chumby. Also a little console just to watch some information about the accelerometers and the events.

Cosmicpanel: Event Tester

The objective of this movie is test the interaction sensors and possibilities to interact

Interaction elements

Bent sensor

sensor: _bent = ASnative(5,25)
for: Fast Menu


sensor: _accelerometer = ASnative(5, 60), _accelerometer(3), _accelerometer(4)
for: Fast Menu


sensor: _accelerometer(2)
for: maybe lateral menu if lateral hits don’t work

Lateral Hits

sensor: function( _accelerometer(2)[t=1] – _accelerometer(2)[t=0] )
for: lateral menu


The basic code is the next:







– As the 12fps is quite fast, it has been necessary to add a timer when an event has been triggered.
– Pitch Up / Down are inverse than in code
– Fast Menu: using Bent sensor and Pitch Up/Down
– Menu: is possible to use lateral hit, even sometimes left & right are not well detected. We can use both to open it


controlpanel .FLA

controlpanel .SWF

event_test .ZIP with all content


– Just copy “controlpanel.swf” to an USB pen drive root,
– switch off chumby,
– plug the USB
– turn on chumby

Cosmicpanel: Planification

Even that the project is quite big, it worth to do a good planification, even the dates are not real, it is always important to follow a good development path.

I’ve used Gantt project to make this gantt diagram.

My WBS (work breakdown structure) is very simple, just some design first, which I’ve been making these days and some implementation after, which I’m going to start. Some of the functionalities or applications are done already or almost a good part of them, is what the black stroke in the middle of the bar represents. the points are just betas and releases.

Cosmicpanel Planification

Cosmicpanel Planification

To watch the complete image of the diagram just click here: Cosmicpanel Planification long image

Cosmicpanel: Alarm with Sunrise simulation

Alarm with sunrise simulation Application

Description: Simple alarm with sunrise simulation to wake up more happy



Different sounds

snooze: some minutes for repeat the alarm

smooth opening: (the sound starts low and increases its volume

Sunrise Simulation: Day simulation in the image below

More ideas: add alarms

Alarm options panel

Alarm options panel

Interaction: tap on the number and drag your finger on the screen to change the time you want the alarm

Sunrise Simulation

Makes your wake up better and happier

Interaction: tap the screen to go to main window

Alarm Sunrise Simulation

Animation: Alarm Sunrise Simulation

Cosmicpanel: Chumby Sci-Calculator

Sci-Calculator Application

Description: Almost scientific calculator for chumby


Basic calculator: + , – , / , • , = , ( , ) , % , store in memory >M ,  get from memory <M , √

Trigonometric: sin, cos, tan, asin, cos, atan, rad to deg, deg to rad, rad/deg mode

Other: 1/x, x^y, ±, n!, exp, ln, log, π, max, min, random, round, floor, ceil

Conversion Tables: Pressure, length, volume, weight, temperature

More ideas: 1 variable function plot ( f(x) ), view result in big

Sci-Calculator for chumby

Sci-Calculator for chumby

Cosmicpanel: Design

Design (& one step beyond!)

Main Screen:

Simple clock & date with sans serif condensed typography  [ Resource! FontsSquirrel ]

Online options: Message from internet Icon, Gmail notifier (if there are mails), Wifi signal

Main Screen - Cosmic Panel

Main Screen - Cosmic Panel

Fast Menu

Functions: clock, alarm, calendar, calculator, musicplayer & switch off chumby

Interaction: open & close using Bent sensor (top switch) or turning chumby in pitch down or up.

Animation: slide down and up

Maybe customizable

Fast menu

Fast menu

Panel Menu

Functions: Access to Applications, options menu and other screen & chumby options

Interaction: open & close with a lateral hit or rolling the chumby

Animation: slide left and right

Lateral Menu

Lateral Menu

Options Screen

Functions: Choose default options (to think!)

Interaction: from button in panel menu

Animation: in: slide from left, out: slide to right

It remembers me some hi-res! look…

Options screen

Options screen

Cosmicpanel: Chumby controlpanel – Idea & Functions

Just a couple of days without internet at home made me think about made something for my chumby when there’s no connection available. It can be possible to do an standalone widget in a USB pen drive, just calling it controlpanel.swf. This is the point.


Clock*:  simple clock with 12/24 h option
*: date with text / numeral option (thursday 23th april 2009 / 23.04.09 )
Alarm: different sounds, different alarms.
Calendar: Monthly calendar (add events with google calendar when it is online?)
Calculator & Unit Conversor: Scientific calculator with units conversor.  Some useful functions, not advanced.
Music Player: Play music from USB.
Photo Frame: Show Photos from USB.
File Explorer: View USB content and posibility to view images or listen to sounds and music.

Load of my own widgets
Gim timer*: It is just a timer to do some exercices at home.
The Tie Knots: How to make different tie Knots

In case of internet availability
Gmail notifier*: Notify if it is a new email and see the sender, subject and date.*² Listening now & add favourite
Online messages receiver: Receive messages from a website.
Google Calendar: See events and add events to a calendar

More ideas
Twitter, facebook… (notifiers)

First Ideas

First Ideas