SLAM Quest


I worked with Rafael in a paper about PoseSLAM, there was an experiment were the robot achieved its goal in a map of poses using the path that minimized the probabilities of the robot to be lost.

So I converted this pose map in a Treasure map, our robot Teo became a Navy ship and the hard working path of the PhD finally succeeded in Rafael’s PhD Thesis.

Date: April 2013
Typography: Booter Five Zero by Graham Meade


Dr. Bohigas


Oriol‘s PhD Thesis was about too many dimensions and robot workspaces. One of his passions is music, tribal drums in particular, so in the tee a couple of masses play the “Timba” on the boundaries of their workspace.

Date: May 2013



Carlos loves music, so I used the hands of a figure of his PhD Thesis to make them play a virtual bass.

Date: January 2013
Typography: –

Baranov Invaders



Baranov trusses were very useful in Nicolás‘ PhD Thesis. Ivan got a brilliant idea of using them as if they were space invaders, so I made it happen using inkscape.

Date: June 2012
Typography: Acknowledge by Ænigma

Dr. Corominas


Tibi and Dabo robots were the main robots used by Andreu in his PhD Thesis. The vivid colours are a reflection of his optimistic personality.

Date: September 2011
Typography: Deftone Stylus by Ray Larabie
Making Of: The robots Tibi and Dabo were rendered in SolidWorks, then traced using inkscape


A first version