ROS, Arduino, Sublime, Ubuntu


Install Arduino IDE

sudo apt-get install arduino

If /dev/ttyUSB0 doesn’t appear when the board is plugged, you may need to load the ftdi_sio module:

sudo modprobe ftdi_sio

Sublime as IDE

In Sublime Text, Install Package Arduino Like IDE (official Arduino IDE is needed to use the libraries)

Select the Arduino Folder


Select , navigate through the folders until the address is /usr/share/arduino

Select Your Sketchbook Folder

The folder you want to use for your code


Try to compile and upload an example to the board, so you know it works properly.

ROS Serial

Follow the steps in ROS Serial, basically install the ROS debs

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-rosserial-arduino ros-hydro-rosserial-python

Add the ros_lib library in your sketchbook libraries folder

rosrun rosserial_arduino .

For more tutorials check out

Stuff I made with this is available at teo_bumpers

Get free space


du -sh folder

Hard drive

df -h