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Robot LEGO seguidor amb distància constant
Follower LEGO robot with constant distance

Robot seguidor LEGO

Work done with Pere Gabriel, teacher Ricard Villà
Control Technology pre-project - ETSEIB - UPC

Video (youtube)

Chumby Widgets

Last year my brothers gave me a chumby, since then I've been playing with it doing some useful widgets for it, using internet API's like, Gmail or Remember the milk and some PHP mixed with the flash widgets.

Cosmicpanel for Chumby Offline control panel for chumy

Gmail Clock Simple clock with a gmail checker and message scroller using Gmail API and some php. Do you want to send me a message? listening now See the album art and info about what you are listening now using Last FM API.

Gim Timer Set your repetitions and times of exercice and rest for your home gim

New Minute Years Eve Clock Basic clock which celebrates New Minute Years

Remember the milk Task sender Send new tasks in your RTM account. Uses RTM API.

Sensor Test Test the sensors of your chumby

There are other in process: Ultrawidget, Offline Chumby or The Tie Knot.